Information overload

No, I'm not complaining about Twitter blackouts - believe me or not, I never got the whale so far. It's just too much information outside there. And we increasingly need filters to keep us going through all these posts, articles, texts, messages, and emails.
I tried to embrace the task of daily reading "a little bit" of what has been published about a couple of topics that interest me, but I now officially give up. I'm overfed with information!
I'm sure Oscar Wilde faced a different issues in managing information at the late Victorian era, but his moan still holds:
"It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information."
What do you think? Are you also overwhelmed by the amount of information circulating on the web? How do you separate what is interesting from what is not worthy your time? Is there any cure for "Torture by information overload"?